Red state Democrat Doug Jones will vote to convict Trump

Red state Democrat Doug Jones will vote to convict Trump

5th February 2020 Off By adpublisher

Jones — a former prosecutor — was widely viewed as a potential Democratic swing vote, along with Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. His vote won’t change the outcome of the verdict but comes amid pressure on Jones, the only red-state Democrat up for reelection.

Before the start of the three week trial, Jones said that he wanted to “see if the dots get connected” on whether the president withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to pressure its government to investigate Vice President Joe Biden. He added at the time that he would be open to acquitting the president if the House did not prove its case.

Like the rest of his caucus, Jones supported Democratic calls for witnesses and documents, which likely would have prolonged the trial for weeks.

Jones, who won a special election in 2017 against controversial Republican challenger Roy Moore, is the most vulnerable Democratic senator up in 2020.

During the trial, he was the target of an ad campaign from the nonprofit, pro-Trump group America First Policies.

James Arkin contributed to this story.